Expressions of a Cluttered Mom

What I've learned since becoming a mom

I started this blog on day 97 of motherhood, which I figured out while watching my 35th episode of Revenge on Netflix. I had friends recommend that show when I learned that having a baby means an insurmountable number of hours in a rocking chair: nursing, burping and helping my little one go to sleep, stay asleep and wake up fearlessly in the arms of a familiar face. As great as this show is, I needed something more constructive to do than watch countless hours of day time television. Since I’m learning about being a mom every day watching my 3 month old grow up before my eyes, I decided to blog and share my experiences – the good and the bad. I have little aspirations with my writing other than to cherish every moment of this time and share my successes and failures with any one who wants to listen. My one hope is to become a more grateful person, wife and mother while I look to Jesus Christ in utter amazement of how unbelievably blessed I am in my simple, average life.

Feel free to use my page to read about or share in my experiences as I learn the joys and struggles of motherhood. I welcome comments and feedback as the saying is true, it truly does take a village.

Many thanks: To Jesus Christ for giving me coherent words to express the jargon in my brain, to Chloe for occasionally napping and thus giving me the time to write, to my amazing husband Tim for unfailingly supporting my latest passions, and to my wonderful subscribers for listening – I truly appreciate every single one of you.



I’ll be learning how to blog as I go so bear with me as I slowly make progress on the functionality of this site.